GATES – FHI: 15 Sex Workers interventions covering over

50,000 sex workers in Mumbai & Thane

GATES – Pathfinder: Presently in 10 high prevalence districts with

11 sex workers interventions covering more than 17000 sex workers

GATES – PSI-Condom Social Marketing: 25.7 mn condoms sold; program

is Broadly on track Training & franchising STI healthcare providers;

453 franchised Interpersonal communications with high risk men at brothels & hotspots

TCI Foundation: National programs with around 30 haltpoints in 17 states (NH 1-8)

University of Manitoba-Working closely with Avert Society to complement Sex workers

in Sangli, Satara & Solapur covering around 2400 sex workers

Gates – M&E- Integrated behavioral & biological assessment with high risk groups

contracted to FHI/NARI . Surveys started in 2005.

Capacity Building-Capacity building in STIs, community mobilisation & inter-personal communication with FHI & PI

STI agency – FHI-WHO

Community mobilisation – CARE / Dr. Jana


Advocacy-Reduction in stigma & discrimination by working with celebrity,

Media and policy makers Overall advocacy – Constella Futures Group

Media Advocacy – Centre for Research & Advocacy (CFAR)

Societal Leaders & Media Partnerships – Heroes Project