Private Sector


Role of Corporate Sector

Corporate or private sector has a significant stake in the well-being of the nation. Since the majority of HIV affected people in our country are in the productive age group of 15-49, workplace interventions are significant both in the prevention of infection, and treatment and care for the infected.


Workplace Interventions

One of the most effective ways of reaching out to the workforce is through instituting the practice of information dissemination on prevention. A number of companies across India have taken up such campaigns and programmes within their corporate and field locations. Corporate sector also plays a major role in removing stigma and discrimination as most people spend most of their time at work.


Public Private Partnerships

National AIDS Control Programme III formally recognises and encourages partnerships and alliances with corporate/public/private sector in eradicating the threat of HIV in India. Already NACO has signed MoUs with Ballarpur Industries Limited and ACC for ART centres to be operated out of their company locations. Under these MoUs, the companies have put in place their human resource and infrastructure for the ART centres. At these ART centres infected workforce receives free testing and first line of drugs, while NACO bears the cost of testing facility and drugs for the community.