About Msacs
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1986 : The first case of AIDS reported in 1986
1986 : High powered National AIDS Committee formed
1992 : NACO established
1992 : AIDS Cell established in Maharashtra under DHS
1992 : NACP Phase-I started
1998 : MSACS formed in August
1998 : NACP-II started
2004 : GFATM Round-II started
2005 : GFATM Round-III and IV started


Maharashtra is 2nd largest state in India with population of 100 million and area of3.08 lacs Sq. Km. The State has always remained on forefront in the world inhealth care delivery with a very well knit rural and urban infrastructure. The infrastructure fulfills the norms prescribed by Government of India under model health plan. A comprehensive package of promotive, curative and rehabilitative services are being provided through vast network of rural and urban infrastructure. The first AIDS case was reported from Mumbai in 1986. An implementation of an effective HIV services programme in the state resulted in better understanding of epidemiological scenario in the state.


Objectives of MSACS are:

  1. To prevent HIV transmission and control its spread.
  2. To reduce morbidity and mortality associated with HIV infection.
  3. To reduce the adverse social and economic impact resulting from HIV infection.
  4. To coordinate and strengthen STD/HIV/AIDS surveillance.
  5. To provide technical support in HIV/AIDS prevention and control to Government and Non Government Organizations.
  6. To develop skills in clinical management with focus on bio safety.
  7. To develop health promotion interventions among high risk behavior groups.
  8. To enhance the community awareness, specifically knowledge, Attitude and practice of high risk groups.
  9. To develop Health Education materials for distribution and adoption by agencies working in AIDS prevention.
  10. To channelize and integrate the activities of Non Government Organizations in AIDS control and prevention.
  11. To provide facilities and to strengthen the centers for control of Sexually Transmitted Infections both in Government and Private Medical Institutions and Practitioners.
  12. To develop counseling services.
  13. To organize Social support for management of HIV infected and AIDS patients.
  14. To undertake operational and Bio-Medical research.
  15. To monitor the development of HIV/AIDS epidemic in the state.
  16. Any other measures related to AIDS control as per guidelines of NACO.


About the People

Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society
Acworth Leprosy compound hospital, R.A.Kidwai Marg, 
Wadala (West), Mumbai 400031.
Tel: 24113097