Under NACP-III, as a major structural reform the management of HIV prevention and control program has been decentralised to district level. The District AIDS Prevention Control Unit (DAPCU) are established in 30 A  Category districts across the State. DAPCUs are expected to play a pivotal role in monitoring and coordination of service delivery from the different facilities in the district. Their consistent efforts under the leadership of District Collectors will result in effective HIV awareness campaigns, strengthening of referral linkages, and provision of care and treatment to all the HIV positive in the district. DAPCUs are also expected to play a key role in integration of NACP with NRHM and work closely with other line departments in government setup to mainstream the HIV/AIDS Programs.


To have an understanding of the above tasks and roles and responsibilities of DAPCU as a team at the district level, National Level Training curriculum was designed. All the DAPCU staff from 30 districts were trained on this 5 day training curriculum in 2010 and 2011.


National Level Training Modules for DAPCU  Here

Executive Summary of the report on Strengthening of DAPCUs  Here

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