The National HIV / AIDS Control Programme (NACP) places a high priority on procurement of goods & services, works and effective management of supply chain for successful implementation of the Project. The procurement guidelines have to ensure that necessary supplies are available for the project at right time, in right quantity, of right quality, at the right place, and at right cost.


These "Guidelines for Procurement" provide the essential information and step-bystep procurement procedures in brief to achieve these objectives. If necessary, the States may use the procedure described herein to develop a State specific Operation Manual to meet the requirements of existing system.


Manual of Office Procedure for Supplies, Inspection and Disposals, commonly known as DGS&D Manual, may also be referred to for additional guidance on this subject. DGS&D booklets containing the standard tender forms e.g. bank guarantee for EMD, bank guarantee for performance security, performance statement etc. are available on website www.dgsnd.gov.in As regards civil works, similar guidance could be obtained from CPWD manual.


The Procurement Guidelines and Consultants Guidelines of the World Bank (available at http://siteresources.worldbank.org/INTPROCUREMENT/Resources/ProcGuid- 08-06-ev1.doc and http://siteresources.worldbank.org/INTPROCUREMENT/ Resources/ConGuid-08-06-ev1) may also be referred for additional guidance. Incase of any deviation between the provisions contained in this manual and BankŐs guidelines, the provisions contained in BankŐs guidelines would prevail.


This document is intended for procurement officers to achieve the uniform system of procurement in all the States. This document is also intended to guide the implementing agencies to understand the procedures to be followed for procurement. The rights and obligations of the purchaser and the contractor of goods and works are governed by the tender documents and by the contracts signed by the purchaser with the contractor and not by these guidelines